Art over time

Last week, Editor Joe traveled through time during his visit to the Worcester Art Museum. The museum had two new exhibits highlighting two very different cultures from two very different periods in world history. (All photos taken on my phone and thus are blurry and bad quality.)

The first exhibit was Samurai! curated by Eric Nakamura. The pieces showcased the beginnings of samurai culture in Japan and how the country’s artists have integrated those ideals with the ever-increasing Western influences. With art from the early 1400s blended with pieces finished this year, the exhibit presented a fierce argument on how global communications and world culture doesn’t mean the loss of individual culture – merely the reshaping and growing every person must face.

The show provided an in-depth look at how art evolves over time, especially when artists are exposed to different styles.

Below the cut, check out some of the photos and  second exhibit (which included a reference to Batman and pirate swords).

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