Slime Rancher – The Sticky, The Icky And The Fun Of It All

After throwing caution to the wind, Beatrix “Bea” LeBeau gives up her city life and moves thousands of light years away from Earth to become a Slime Rancher. And it’s your job to keep her safe.

Say What Now?!

Slime Rancher, developed by Monomi Park, is a first-person POV farming game where you control Bea as she explores the Far, Far Range – an island with six distinct parts (the Ranch, Dry Reef, Indigo Quarry, Moss Blanket, Slime Sea and the Ancient Ruins) and a few mysteries Bea must solve in order to be the best rancher possible.

Each section of the island contains unique slimes. What’s a slime you ask? Short answer: this guy.

Better answer: slimes are small, sheep-sized globs of moving gloo that poop out ports – the primary product Bea sells. Each sub-species of slime has different requirements in order to farm them. For example, phosphor slimes can’t be exposed to sunlight and only eat fruits while fire slimes only eat ash and explode if they go too long without eating.


Mass death on the ranch (credit here)


The challenge in Slime Rancher is collecting all of the sub-species of slimes without dying – either by drowning in the Slime Sea or by getting eaten by a tarr, a species of slimes that have turned cannibalistic and are willing to devour everything in sight, especially you. Also, ranchers can cross-breed slimes to create hybrids called largos. So a tabby slime put into the same pen as a honey slime would create a tabby-honey largo which would have the qualities of both slimes. It’s a fun way to farm all the slimes types without running out of room on your ranch.

Bea can purchase in-game upgrades to make exploring safer and more fun, including more space in her vac-pack (vacuum backpack she uses to suck up wild slimes, various food items, and mined resources), better health, a hover pack, more energy, treasure pod crackers, decorations, etc.


  • It’s fun – discovering new slimes, unlocking new parts of the island, finding secret areas. This game is the definition of casual gaming and I love it.
  • The slimes are cute af. Some species coo when you feed them, some jump at the sight of you and even the dangerous, radioactive ones are adorable.
  • The graphics are solid. Every slime has a unique, special design and the backgrounds are beautiful to the point where it feels like you’re actually exploring a new world.
  • It’s easy but also challenging. This game is not Dark Souls but it’s also not a simple 1-2-3 game either. It’s casual gaming at it’s finest.


  • WHERE’S MY MAP! The game requires a fair amount of exploring and retracing steps but it doesn’t have a map feature. I want to mark where I find treasure pods, weird slimes, useful resources. A map would have been so helpful.
  • Gameplay. Sometimes when I turned quickly or broke out into a run my vac-pack would fire, causing me to lose an item I was trying to bring back to my ranch.
  • The exchange. Bea can trade items with other ranchers but most of the offers were either not useful: items I already had or required me to trade rare resources for everyday ports. I will say, in the exchange’s defense, that some of the trades were legit.
  • Too many pink slimes. The pink slime is the first slime you meet. It’s the easiest to farm (literally eats anything, never dies) but it’s found in every location. After unlocking the third part of the island, I become more and more frustrated with every pink slime I encountered. Eventually, it felt as if I used limited resources to get something I already had.
  • Decorations. I just didn’t see the point in them and the amount of work involved in getting them is a waste of time. Sorry not sorry.

If you’re a diehard gamer who loves Call of Duty or Halo, this game isn’t for you. But if you liked Animal Crossing and Niche, then I’d say give Slime Rancher a try. I bought the game during Steam’s summer sale and I’ve already logged 20 hours. Buy the game here.

Have you played Slime Rancher? Leave a comment with your favorite slime!

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