Hell no, Hello Neighbor!


Hello, Neighbor, a stealth horror game from Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild, is slated to have the final, completely developed version available through Steam sometime this summer. And I, a simple farmer who’s played through three different incarnations, couldn’t be more excited!


The premise of the game is straightforward: break into your neighbor’s house to see what he’s got in his basement. The catch? Your neighbor is a psychotic, mustached weirdo who’s AI learns as you play (meaning, the computer analyzes your strategy and develops new traps to stop you. This isn’t a puzzle solver where you just have to find the right answer. The game literally changes every time you play, making it harder and harder to win so forgot all those game hints online).

For example, if you manage it to make it to the second floor, you’ll come across a flooded room. You have to move furniture around so you don’t drown. The second time you face the flooded room, there’s a shark casually waiting to eat you. Yeah, that’s right. The guy’s got freaking sharks (they don’t have freaking laser beams though). To overcome the shark, you have to turn off his heat, thus freezing the water and trapping the shark in a block of ice. But every puzzle is like that: each time your neighbor catches you, the puzzles morph into more difficult setups.

gif trap

Hello, Neighbor excels not only due to its challenging nature but also because of its ingenious ideas. We all have a smidgen of Gladys Kravitz in us and this first-person game thrives in our desire to spy on our neighbors. It’s silly – spoiler alert, the neighbor has a train in his house – and filled with a macabre sense of humor that delights my inner weirdo.

As for flaws, the main problem with this game is the unforeseen repetitiveness. Every time your neighbor catches you, you have to start the day over which means everything reset. It’s frustrating to overcome something, only to have to redo the work because you died. While the gameplay is relatively short – I survive roughly 5-10 minutes per play (maybe I’m just bad at this game???) – you end up doing the same thing over and over again.

But even with that, the creativity needed to solve the puzzles is the good kind of challenging. Hello, Neighbor is a fun time-waster that makes me feel productivity. Buy it on Steam.

Have you played Hello, Neighbor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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