Bookstore Review: The Book Rack


The Book Rack in Arlington, MA


One bookstore I visited that was a bit out of the way was The Book Rack in Arlington, MA. Bookshelves piled high with more books than I could count greeted me. And, unlike a big chain bookstore like Barnes & Noble, just a few other customers were perusing the aisles, making it a calm, quiet place to relax and look at the books. This was a bookstore I could spend hours pursuing the selves.

Finding certain genres of books was not difficult here. The store had some creative signage to point their customers in the right direction and friendly notes that make bookworms such as myself feel that the store really cares about our literary needs.


Aside from the usual suspects – LOTR, Star Wars, Song of Fire and Ice series, etc. – there were rows upon rows of fantasy books I hadn’t even known existed, some sporting witches or dragons on the cover which only piqued my interest more. The sheer volume of books in this genre alone is a good reason to keep visiting the store – you can’t notice every title on the shelves unless you don’t have your boyfriend with you who has already passed through the whole store and you do have literally all day to spend there, as least until the staff kick you out at closing time.


And, even if you are not looking for love, the Romance section wasn’t hard to spot, even without looking for the sign. All you need to look for are Valentine’s Day colors and photos of couples on the spines.

Their love of books is so great that they even have bookish decor!

I wouldn’t mind getting these for my apartment.
Naturally, I wanted to leave with the whole store, but managed to limit my purchase to only three items, including Dragon Champion by E. E. Knight (there was a dragon on the cover), Unfinished Tales by J. R. R. Tolkien (I have to own everything by him, of course), and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (which has been on my reading list for far too long but sadly is very relevant to today).

I also have two new bookmarks to use while reading them. The Little Monsters bookmarks are handmade by two “members of the Book Rack extended family” and have 10% of the profits going to Mitoaction, which helps patients and their families fight mitochondrial disease. My Pikachu is holding my place in a book for a good cause.

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