What Resident Evil 7 means to other game series

It’s finally here! A change. A major gaming company runs serious risks when creating a game but it’s a hell of a lot better to have more hits than misses, especially in game series. This isn’t anything new–games struggle to be unique, to be craved by their loyal fan base and are crushed when a piece comes out as ‘meh’. Then there is the extra element – when the game has film adaptations which don’t exactly do well in its own right. For Capcom and the Resident Evil series (Biohazard), we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the WTF movies to now: an intriguing and fresh idea with the new installment just a month away, Resident Evil 7. And if you are looking for a funny post making fun of the movies: click here


From the iconic original game to other masterpieces (yes, Resident Evil 4 is by far, my favorite and I will be forever haunted by small villages and zombies that were way too intelligent for their own good – and for Leon), to their reset debacle of RE6, it just shows that the same formula doesn’t always execute the same popularity, and this is without massive glitches or poor graphics.

Okay, so Special Tactics and Rescue Squad are kicking dead-ass and taking names, again, and again, and well, like many games it gets old (like COD because omg who the hell cares anymore!). When I first saw the trailer and played the teaser game for RE7, my first reaction was where the fuck are the zombies? I was upset the regular formula I complained about was missing; not to say there won’t be any in the game, but the story was presented with this exploration mixed with horror. Then I kept playing and I realized Capcom was trying something entirely new, sticking the RE name on it (and I stopped bitching about it). This appears to have nothing to do with Racoon City or Leon or Wesker or anything really in the original series and, instead, narrows it to a new character, Ethan, and his fight among the incredibly creepy Baker family and their decrepit house and lands.

In a way, it feels like the original–keeping it in one location and being able in these confined spaces to scare the shit out of the gamer.

There will be creatures, and blood, and things moving that force you to jump (and I’m praying for all of the VR users!) and forces the question out there to other series drowning in the same loop. When are you going to just pull back and try something else?

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