Bookstore Review – The Bookstore of Gloucester

Main Street in Gloucester is a hotspot for bookstores, and one such haven is called The Bookstore of Gloucester. It is the bookstore to go to if you want a nice, colorful place with sorted books and beautiful, handcrafted gift cards.


The walls of the store were painted with bold colors, setting a calm atmosphere with a cool blue and green pairing and a warm atmosphere with red and yellow highlights in the background. A green wall had big paper mache butterflies is the perfect indication of the children’s section.


This was one of the few bookstores I’ve visited that had a healthy poetry section!

Being a lover of stationery, and any paper products for that matter, I was really impressed with the card selection that the Bookstore Of Gloucester sported. The cards are handcrafted and printed in the U.S. on environmentally responsible materials using recycled wood or fiber. As a nature lover, this was a huge benefit. Not to mention, the designs are phenomenal, like this Halloween card.

Naturally, being located in Gloucester where fishing and whale watching are some of the most popular pastimes, they had a decent nautical section as well.


For a relatively small bookstore, they had a wide variety of things for readers of different genres of books. There’s something here for everyone to enjoy, and you can do that in the comfort of a beautiful building. Could anyone ask for more?

What more bookstore reviews? Check out the bookstore in Salem, Boston, or Marblehead.

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