If you’re living under the same rock I was, you were unaware of this phenomenon know as wizard rock. Okay, please don’t click out of this page because I promise you it’s worth a read – or worth a hear, rather. Developed in the early 2000s, this genre of music is straight from our beloved Harry Potter universe and allegedly in BOM’s home state of Massachusetts. I’m sure long before HP there was wizard rock – probably something like this:


To be fair, the above image is a lot cooler than I originally thought when finding it on the web. Anyway, this genre is still strong and many bands have popped up, and of those a few that are actually pretty good. Ok, my love for the HP Universe means I’m biased, saying all HP bands are great, but I also have a strong love and passion for music. Like a previous post on bands relating to the show The Simpsons, the team went and researched and found some great bands (and some pretty awful ones but we can’t help ourselves). But first, this important image:


Sorry…I just had to. Hahahahaha. Ok, now for some serious tunes:


Check out Harry Potter fan band The Moaning Myrtles!

Lauren Fairweather has the perfect tribute to the franchise.

Doctor Who has inspired fans worldwide including these amazing singers.

So many in-jokes in one song!

If we’re missing any bands or you just really like one above, leave a message in our comment section! We love to converse, especially with fellow Potterheads.

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