Author Hole: Finished Gillian Flynn’s Books. Kill Me Now.

Gillian Flynn is more than just a writer, she’s a literary temptress and I’m hooked on her creative storytelling so much that I went from reading her last book to her very first. It’s been a roller coaster, and you know this if you’ve read or watched Gone Girl (book published in 2012, movie 20014). And trust me GG is a well-written story with so many twists and turns I was accusing everyone of everything, talking like Amy until I was annoying everyone around me (and my fiance was utterly horrified by the film – that scene. You know what I’m talking about!). I wasn’t expecting to as impressed with her previous novels considering all the hooblah GG turned into. Yet, she again surprised me with her dark instinct and character development. I’ve written a character of the month before, and I must say that I like Dark Places just as much as GG…until I read Sharp Objects.


It reminded me of how much a first book needs to make an intense and noticeable impression in order to keep a career rising. It was gritty in some areas but brutally honest about small towns and the inner workings of mental illness on a lot of levels in several different characters. It almost seemed she had a checklist of problems to point out:

  • Mental Illness
  • Murder
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Strong females
  • Loss & Grief
  • Alcoholism
  • Sex
  • Useless local police

Yet the way the novel was laid out was this slow winding suspense, like in Twin Peaks (1990) when you think you know what’s going to happen – about who did it, then you’re strung along to the character’s (Camille) painful past and even more destructive present. There were moments I got stressed to my max reading it and that is really a tribute to Flynn’s storytelling. Her use of female main characters and making them fundamentally a fucked up mess is what sets her aside and makes the stories so grueling and entertaining. Sharp Objects may have fallen into the shadows after her other successes but this is a book I can’t wait to see it on screen with the hope-to-be-soon HBO series – to picture the characters I followed in Wind Gap, Missouri – a little slice of contained misery.


But now I must say, other than ‘The Grown Up’, I will have nothing left of hers to read until the next novel. This is what we all go through – this author hole, because, as you know, many writers do not pop out a ton of books in short periods of time like James Patterson or Stephen King (who is absolutely perfect!). A part of me wishes I gave myself a little more time reading, finishing GG last year and the other two within the last few months, but I’ve become inspired by her and can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

So here’s the big question for you: what new author has you completely addicted to every word that you’ve already ordered their books from Amazon?

Buy Gillian Flynn’s masterpieces at Amazon.

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