Whether you’re just taking a break from serious writing, are bored or are experiencing a complete block, the creating doesn’t have to stop. Explore newer ways to create and have fun with the sites below:

  1. Magnetic Poetry Maker


I love this because it’s not messy and is user-friendly. I went through a few sites and so far I enjoy this one the most.


2. Random First line generator


This is actually unique when you think about how difficult a first line can be. Good use with this site, even if you don’t end up using it word for word – it may inspire you.


3. Book Title generator (free and all genres)


The bane of many writers’ existence is coming up with a good title. This site may help lesson the pain. 🙂


4. Electronic Poetry


Similar to magnetic, this feature involves words frequently used by authors. All you need to do is choose an author! Super user-friendly.


5. DIY Writing Prompt (random generator below)


I had a recent prompt (where of course I can’t remember the site) asked me to grab the nearest book and go to a certain page and pick 10 words, 7 of which I would use in a poem. The above website is a random number generator so grab a stack of books (don’t look at the title) and start generating numbers for pages, or lines or words on a certain page or 5 words from each page the generator gives you. Then put a time limit on each page. For example:

Random book on desk: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

# of pages: 325

First number from generator: 124

  • Words: extended, measurable, enemy, decoding, wind

2nd: 201

  • Blood, unstained, corridor, pewter, black

3rd: 23

  • Scratched, mongoloids, cracks, blind, shook

Will this be a weird poem? Probably, but that’s the beauty in it.

If you have any games or prompts to share, please leave a message in our comment section below! (Feel free to share links too!)




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