Fantastic 13th – A Chronicle of Magical Creatures: Nokken


Nokken (the neck among other names) are water spirits with shapeshifting abilities, most likely appearing in the form of humans or other creatures for the purpose of luring victims to their watery graves. They can be either gender as stories of the Nokken differ from geographic locations and folklore.



Depending on the folklore, Nokken originate from many places. They appear mainly in Germanic folklore as well as English and Swedish. In England they are considered water wyrms while in traditional Norwegian and Swedish folklore they are referred to as water monsters or come in the form of a white horse. Different terms, same beast and fatal end. Some myths even mention the creature turning into non-threatening forms, such as a water lily to deceive potential victims (because a water lily in a pond – who would suspect that? Right now, me.). Ironically, drowning accidents were deemed an omen by the Nokken.

The creatures are very similar to other deadly creatures (mermaids and kelpies) due to their motive of luring men to their deaths. Interesting enough, the Scandinavian folklore mark the Nokken as male who use music, such as playing a violin to lure women and children to the lake. Unbaptised children and pregnant women were most vulnerable to the song of the water creature. As far as frequency of attacks, it varies on the folklore, some annually but others only by opportunity.



Nokken are water spirits and one of many so it doesn’t get as much nod as other more known creatures mentioned above. It’s a shame because this one is quite deceiving and interesting. I was able to find a film teaser for a foreign film involving a Nokken:


And 1 book…

Is it me or does he look like Peeta from Hunger Games?
Is it me or does he look like Peeta from Hunger Games?

But this game gets it: Poptropica

Other than that, not much – so it’s up for grabs.


The Nokken has largely been untouched by literary standards. This is an opportunity. Whether it’s fantasy, horror or erotica (only genre’s that could fit potentially), the Nokken has an interesting concept to leverage.


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