Pokemon Literary Gifts

The obvious gifts to give yourself or a Pokemon-loving friend are:

Pokemon cards


Buy them, give them, trade them. Too bad the original 150 aren’t still sold in most stores. That’s okay. That’s what Amazon is for!


I’ve made quite a collection simply by going to the Little Shop of Treasures at Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, Mass.

I’m sure you’ll get much appreciation from these but, with a mixture of the internet, creative artists, and no self-control, you can also get the following cool gifts and more!

Kawaii Eevee Pokemon Clinging Earrings Fake Gauges – $8.00

You can get these or earrings of your favorite Pokemon. I was lucky enough to get a pair of Eevees from my friend!

Pokemon Bundle Collection. Kanto Starter Pack. Two or More Pokemon, bundle and save – $50.00+ depending on quantity.

The same friend who gave me the earrings made me a Pikachu as well as a Mew in a crocheted pokeball! There are cheaper versions of Pokemon Amigurumi than this Kanto starter pack, but these are really well done. Some of the others barely look like the Pokemon they’re supposed to be.


Lapras pokemon print anime poster pokemon gifts pokemon painting – $10.00+ depending on the size

It’s just beautiful and I need it!

Pokemon print | newspaper design | Pokemon art | Pokemon Pikachu | home interior | Pokemon decor | Pokemon baby | retro | Pokemon gifts – $9.00+

Need I say more?

Oddish Planter , Pokemon Planter , Pokemon , Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, 3D printed, Cute, Best Christmas Gift, Monster, Geekery, Stocking Stuffer – $5.79+

Would you want a plant displayed any way but in a Pokemon planter?

Commission – Pokemon Zoography, or, a Natural History – $30.00

Oh, Etsy, just take my money!

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