The Little Prince Review

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic tale, The Little Prince, is my absolute favorite book (along with a few others, but it really is up there.) So when I first saw the advertisements for the movie, I was really excited and couldn’t wait to see it. But I did wait. And I waited. And waited some more.

Finally, last week, my boyfriend said a movie had just come out on Netflix that I really wanted to see and he surprised me with none other than the same Little Prince movie I’d almost forgotten about. Ironically, one of the main characters in the movie expresses his feelings about how forgetting is the problem adults have in growing up – they forget about imagination, about individuality, about being unique in all the world, a person unlike the billions of other people on Earth.

The girl, who is the main protagonist, is studying hard to be enrolled in Werth Academy. Is she worth it? You need to watch the movie to find out, but what a delightful play on words! The problem is, her mother has every minute of every day of every week of every month of every year of the girl’s life planned out on a large fold-out chart. That’s a bit tedious. The girl is seen checking her watch, which beeps when it’s time to move on to the next thing on her mother’s list. The sad thing is, she goes along with it because her goal at this point is to strive to be an adult, like every other adult around her. Every adult except one.


Her next door neighbor is crazy, causing trouble with his shenanigans. But he ends up making a difference in her life. Him, as well as the story he sends her pages of, a story called The Little Prince, about a boy from Asteroid B612 who loved a rose and ran away. The movie interviews these stories, and the more the girl learns about the little prince, the more she dreads growing up.

Mark Osborne and the writers who brought this story to life did a phenomenal job with making something original but keeping all of the themes from Saint-Exupéry’s story. Not to mention, the animation was phenomenal, especially how it changed between the main plot and the little prince’s story.

I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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