SalemGo! A Pokemon Adventure!

Team Dogemon
Team Dogemon


I’m always surprised when it comes to PokemonGo. I feel that, as a franchise of the 90’s, it shouldn’t be as popular as it is. But the game seems to be taking over the world, and over people’s lives. When my Screenshot_2016-08-09-22-58-20boyfriend Jordan and I arrived at Flying Saucer on July 31st, I didn’t expect to find as long a line as there was. Some of the other people waiting took advantage of the line being in an area with three Pokestops and, like us, played on the app as we waited to check in, or in our case, register. The hardest part of the whole event was coming up with a name. We finally settled on Team Dogémon, since Jordan was wearing a doge shirt. One of my notable Pokemon catches that day was a Squirtle, as well as the usual suspects for Salem – jynx, zubat, and of course drowzee. There may have been a kingler too.


I went prepared. Phone charged, weaker duplicate Pokemon traded, backpack with room to collect from pokestops. At the end of the day, though, my backpack may have been full but my pokemon count was much smaller than I predicted. The SalemGo scavenger hunt was through the app ActionBound, and as Jordan and I soon discovered, stopping to catch pokemon and collect from stops hinders SalemGoers from finishing the scavenger hunt. At the end of the event, ActionBound showed us having only finished more than half of the scavenger hunt. Although if the photo on Flying Saucer’s Facebook is anything to go by, we only had two more gym leaders to visit. One of them was just a long walk away.


Our first stop was at the Visitor’s Center, where Brock was answering the questions that appeared on the ActionBound scavenger hunt. The questions appeared when the GPS from the app recognized that we reached the destination. At some of the stops we had to walk around a little, even though we found the gym leader, because the app wasn’t showing the questions yet. Once the questions were asked, we took selfies with the gym leader through the app. The idea was to have the answers noted so when we finished the scavenger hunt, we could prove we went to each stop.


Naturally, Misty was by the water at Derby Wharf. She’s still sad about losing her bike.


My pikachu got to meet Ash’s pikachu.


Erika likes to train grass-type pokemon, like all the weedle that are around.

Lt Surge

They put poor Lt. Surge in the farthest, out-of-the-way place. Just getting here (and collecting pokemon along the way on the other app) probably took half the time.

Professor Hawthorne

This is Professor Hawthorne. You know, because we’re in Salem.

We met a few other people, and right at 7:00 p.m., when the gym leaders and SalemGo players were due to head back to the Flying Saucer for a pokeparty, we selfied with Sabrina at the Old Burial Grounds. We headed back to the Saucer but decided to head out, having gained an appetite like Ash in the Pokemon shows and not wanting to wait for Flying Saucer to have a table available. It was fun to do something different. Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? And next time we know to not spend as much time collecting pokemon so we can meet all the gym leaders.

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