Party for the Cursed Child

Midnight Launch Party for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2” at Spirit of ‘76 Bookstore in Marblehead, MA

As a child of the Harry Potter generation, I grew up reading the series and even waiting for some of the books to be published. So I have been reveling in the current hype about the play that came out on July 31, the birthday of Harry Potter and his creator, J. K. Rowling.


It was about a week or so before the event when I visited the bookstore, and I expected a lot of people to be on the wizard bandwagon, and yet the Facebook event only indicated that 4 people were interested and 2 people were going, myself included. I also overheard that only 10 people had preordered the book. I consider myself a supporter of local bookstores, and especially since I had two cousins working at this particular bookstore (we’re a very literate family), I decided to preorder Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and announced I would be at the party.


Shockingly, on the night of July 30th, I ran late for the book release, but as my boyfriend and I passed the bookstore, I saw a line to the register that went almost all the way to the back of the store! We could barely get through the doors that were decorated to look like Platform 9 and 3/4s. I don’t know why I was so worried. It’s Harry Potter, after all. The story that lived.

Editor Sandy examining her new book!

Unfortunately, we missed the main part of the party. The refreshments tables were ravaged – wrappers and spills coated the tables, and the dishes with food offerings were, for the most part, empty. The lemonade was gone and I didn’t get to try any of the gillygin. But seeing the effect that Harry Potter has on my hometown was worth it. That and getting to take my new book home!


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