Literary Gifts To Die For: Vampire Accessories

1. Vampire Bite Necklace – Sterling Silver Choker with Swarvoski Beads – $18












Simple but effective.


2. Vampire Blood Necklace – $20


Now you can carry blood around with you! Love the label and the extra touch with the key and beads. Just beautiful!


3. Hand Knitted Metallic Black or Red Gothic Lolita Lace Gloves Fingerless Steampunk – $31.44












Feel like an old-fashioned vampire with these stylish fingerless gloves!


4. Black Cross Gothic Earrings $15











I’m in love with these! They look like they might be heavy, but man, are they gorgeous.


5. Dracula Cuff Bracelet – $35













There are darknesses in life and there are lights. You are one of the lights.” What an inspiring quote from Bram Stoker! How could you not want this?


6. Gold/Silver Gothic Occult Coffin/Casket Poison Ring- Secret Compartment – $9.95












Really, how can you say no to this? It has a secret compartment. Omg!

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