Fantastic 13th – A Chronicle of Magical Creatures: Phoenix

Probably not given much attention until after the Harry Potter series came out, the phoenix is an amazing, beautiful creature that should be given our respect.




The phoenix is most likely the first thing that comes to mind with the words “magical bird”. It’s about the size of an eagle and has similarities with a peacock. This beauty looks like it’s made of fire, with orange and yellow feathers, and is sometimes depicted as having purple feathers on its tail and a crest on its head. When it dies, it is said to burst into flame, or set itself on fire some sources say, and then be reborn from the ashes. It’s lifespan ranges from 500 hundred to even a thousand years. In medieval literature, it is sometimes depicted with a nimbus, or a halo, sometimes with seven rays, like Helios, the Greek god of the sun.



Mythology is the main source of knowledge for most of our favorite mythical creatures. For the phoenix, we look back to the Bennu bird of Ancient Egypt, which was connected to the Sun god Ra. The bird was associated with the sun and resurrection, which is why it is believed to be the inspiration for the phoenix in mythology. There are also many references in Greek Mythology, including that of Helios stopping to listen to the bird’s beautiful song. It was also adopted in Christianity as a symbol of rebirth. In fact, many of the stories say that there is only one phoenix.



All 90s kids will recognize the fire bird Moltres from Pokemon. While there is no evidence that the phoenix inspired the legendary fire bird Pokemon, you can’t help but notice the resemblance.


Harry Potter becomes friends with Dumbledore’s phoenix, Fawkes, and not only gets to witness the bird bursting into flames to be reborn, but is also saved by the bird’s tears, which have healing properties.


Another phoenix appearance is in the Chronicles of Narnia, where it guards the Western Wild, and it also makes it to Aslan’s Country at the end of the series.

Phoenix Narnia



How rare the phoenix must be if it’s the only one of its kind! Try writing a story in which the antagonist will stop at nothing to own such a rare beauty!


Have a magical zoo in which the phoenix exhibit just opened up! Perhaps write through the point of view of the person who searched the world to find the bird for the zoo. What would his or her motivations be? Will they take their money and leave quietly, allowing the poor bird to be exhibited, or will they have a change of heart and try to free the bird?


Create a main character who loves exploring and send them on a journey to find the one and only phoenix!



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