Literary Gifts!



Ah, another beautiful weekend and chance for to view some literary gifts! I won’t waste any time as this edition includes some items that are weird, and anything but typical. Enjoy and comment on what gifts you have given or want yourself!


Anne Sexton Author and Poet Doll Miniature Unique Art Character – $51

Anne Sexton Doll

Yes, you read that right! It’s like a collectible I never even thought of!



Antique Author Cards, Author Card Lot, Louisa May Alcott Trading Card, Tennyson Trading Card, Stevenson Trade Card, Charles Dickens Card – $6.50


I’ll trade you my Charles Dickens for your Louisa May Alcott.


Pablo Neruda v neck t shirt – $22

Pablo Neruda shirt

I’m a sucker for t-shirts and poetry, especially in that shade of purple!


Literary Origami Rose Flower Post Earrings – $12


Now that’s a set of earrings I could see myself wearing!


Custom Alice In Wonderland Decoupage Literary Ballerina Pumps/Flats – $44.48

Alice in Wonderland shoes



Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights – Literary Classic Brass Cuff Bracelet – $40.00


Now this is classy AF.


Vintage Literary Temporary Tattoos – “Whitman” – $8


Because why the hell not?

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