Fantastic 13th – A Chronicle of Magical Creatures: Slender Man

As a citizen of the Internet, I’ve heard of Slender Man, played one game and even taken photos with cosplayers (at least I hope they were cosplayers…) but I must admit, I don’t know much about the history of the Creepypasta beast. Until I decided to risk my luck and research him on Friday the 13th….

SlenderMan cosplay


With unnaturally long arms, an imposing height and a face without features, Slender Man is a walking death trap. His tentacle-like appendages will tear you limb from limb. Known to haunt forests, Slender Man is no stranger to the foggy woods, abandoned hiking trails and small towns.  Occasionally, Slender Man will venture into large cities if the prey is interesting enough.

At this time, there’s no definite method to stop Slender Man.

another slenderman
Done by LawMaster66



Slender Man is a relatively new mythical creature. Created by Eric Knudsen using the screen name “Victor Surge” on the Something Awful forum in 2009, it’s easy to map its introduction into folklore.

What started as a quick post to engage with readers quickly found a fan base with users and spread to other social media sites such as Tumblr and DeviantArt. From there, more and more people began writing Slender Man stories and drawing Slender Man images. In less than seven years, Slender Man has earned a spot in folklore history.

Especially since Slender Man is credited as being the motivation for two 12-years-olds attempting to sacrifice a classmate in order to appease him.

SlenderMan Game


Slender Man has two uses in Modern Use. The first is entertainment. According to The New York Times, there’s a Slender Man movie in the works. Nothing has been finalized (typical Hollywood) but movie-goers could watch Slender Man in action come 2017/2018.

Additionally, there have been many, many recreations of Slender Man stories and art. One of the most famous Slender Man creations is the game Slender: The Eight Pages. All reincarnations are terrifying – which is the draw of Slender Man. The fear of surviving an encounter is what makes us read his tales.

The other significance to Slender Man is mapping the growth of folklore. Most mythical creatures have been around for centuries. With Slender Man being created in 2009, historians have argued that Slender Man’s ascension into folklore can demonstration how other beasts enter the pantheon of mythology in the world.

funny slenderman - scary greman girl
Credit to ScaryGermanGirl



Like all other horror-centric myths, Slender Man is very scary but not very funny. Creative writers and artists can take some of the scare away from Slender Man and add the silly.

Another area is the origin of Slender Man. While we have a record of when the creature was created, it’s still possible to explore the why of Slender Man. Was Knudsen visited by the spirit of Slender Man and inspired to make that fateful post?Or Is Slender Man someone with Marfan Syndrome who was cruelly treated?

Slender Man is unique because he is widely accepted by internet denizens. Almost every idea will be be received with open arms – so have fun with it! Just remember, you’re never alone when your in his woods…


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