Benefits To Drunk Painting


drunk painting 1

It’s the trend that’s sweeping the nation: drunk painting! For anyone who hasn’t done it yet, the premise is simple: take a class where the art teacher will walk you through a painting step by step, with the first step being swinging back a gulp of booze. Drunk painting combines two amazing activities into one fun-filled night, but it’s more than just a fun hobby – it has great benefits for artists.

drunk painting 2


Stress-Free Environment

Skill takes time. Some new artists quit before they really start creating because they put a lot of stress on themselves to paint a masterpiece on Day 1. Drunk painting nights fix that because all the pressure is taken away. In all of the classes I’ve taken, the night is relaxed and carefree – there’s no expectations because everyone is getting buzzed. This doesn’t negate the learning, though. Every new slash against canvas increases your skill – techniques are only developed through experience. The cavalier attitude of the class makes it easy to absorb tips on brush strokes and laying.

drunk painting 3


Meeting Artists

Community. Community. Community. Every artist, regardless of medium, needs a community of fellow creators. Booze is wonderful at lowering inhibitions, and it makes connecting with people easier. After drinking a few beers, it’s easier to ask the person sitting nearby how they got their grass to look so good, easier to share information. I’ve made class buddies – people I’ve friended on Facebook and only talk to about upcoming classes. There’s no shame in making friends.

drunk painting 4


Clears Your Head

It’s easy to get stuck on a project. Your vision isn’t translating to the space exactly as you intended, and you hit a wall. Doing something else is a great way to overcome a roadblock and drunk painting works perfectly as a distraction. Every class ends with a finished painting – I’ve used the nights as a way to recharge my creative energy. Being able to view completed artwork is the best motivator; seeing and sharing work I’ve done inspires me more than any quote or emotion ever has.  

drunk painting 5


“Write drunk, edit sober” applies to creating art, too. Paint drunk, hang it on the wall sober. It might not be as catching, but it’s definitely true.


drunk painting 6

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