Top 5 Writers to Follow Online

Writers are more than the books they’ve published – they’re fun weirdos who tweet insightful comments about the worlds they’ve created. We’ve decided to share some of the best writer Twitter accounts you should follow.



Augusten Burroughs
Burroughs and his mustache set the bar high for Twitter users.

5) Augusten Burroughs 


Kicking off our list is New York Times Bestseller, Augusten Burroughs! Burroughs gained worldwide recognition with his memoir, Running With Scissors. He followed up his success with A Wolf At The Table and recently released Lust & Wonder – which has been climbing up the charts.


His Twitter feed is filled with links to appearances, pictures of his home life, and quirky thoughts. Fans of his books will find behind-the-scenes moments to his writing and nuggets of writing not included in his work.


4) A. Lee Martinez 

A. Lee Martinez’s books have won awards for best science fiction and best fantasy, and have found happiness on my bookshelf. His novels are filled with oddball humor, insightful comments on life, and the occasional F-Bomb.

Martinez shares his writing process, comments about his past books, and one-off jokes his fans will delight in reading. Martinez is never one to shy away from comments and interactions too – he readily replies to questions, comments and snark from fellow users.

3) Sloane Crosley

crosley twitter
Make sure you read this before 11 p.m. my time.

Known for mixing laugh-out-loud jokes with perceptive statements about life, Sloane Crosley is a two-time New York Times Bestseller, avid columnist and a creative force of wit.

Crosley uses her Twitter account to promote other writers and to tweet humorous little ideas. Less preoccupied with her own success, her feed is filled with the same tone of jokes that made Crosley a bestseller.

2) Neil Gaiman

Creative mastermind Neil Gaiman is known for his The Sandman series, high fantasy novels, movie adaptations and heartfelt novels. Gaiman has become a household name, with his writings winning countless awards and recognition.

Like many funny writers, Gaiman tweets jokes and amusing stories, but unlike the others, Gaiman knows how to make any situation relatable. He also shares upcoming appearances and new developments, including behind- the- scenes details of working on a set.


This Oct. 16, 2012 photo shows author J.K. Rowling at an appearance to promote her latest book "The Casual Vacancy," at The David H. Koch Theater in New York. Rowling, the popular author of the "Harry Potter" series, spoke for just over an hour before a capacity crowd in her sole U.S. public appearance to promote her first novel for grownups. (Photo by Dan Hallman/Invision/AP)
The mastermind behind Harry Potter is a mastermind behind amazing tweets too.


1) J. K. Rowling

A queen of Twitter, Rowling uses her account to share new developments in the Harry Potter world. It was on Twitter that Rowling announced that Dumbledore was gay, where she shares rejection letters, and how she interacts with fans.

Rowling’s Twitter is filled with Harry Potter trivia, information about new stories, and snapshots of her life. It’s the perfect place for any fan to learn a little more about a magical world us muggles can’t live within.

Bonus: Buck Off Magazine

We’re funny and we’re sassy. What more could you ask for in a Twitter account?

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