The Joy of Literary Gifts!

The internet opens a world of opportunity for people to get book lovers fun gifts that they’ll enjoy. Yeah, we all love a good mug but there’s so much more! From jewelry and clothing to fan art, there’s plenty to choose from to make your best book bud happier than Harry Potter finally going to Hogwarts (still waiting for my letter!). Here’s a highlight of my March favorites from

always lily
Buy it here

Jewelry fan art is one of the most popular types of literary gifts, and it will be a success if it’s as cool as this patronus locket! It’s bucking awesome!

PPZ book
Buy here

Small things like jewelry, or perhaps key chains with your favorite characters, need a safe place to hang out, like this Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Book Box!

And what better accessory to match your literary jewelry than a book bag, made from a real book. Now, this bag is what I’m Tolkien about!

lord of the rings bag
Buy it here

Is the force with you? Decorate your bedroom with this Star Wars wall decal! If you’re a writer, you can put it in your writing room, where all your stories begin in a galaxy far, far away!

star wars
Buy here

If you like hanging art on your wall, Etsy has many geeky prints, including this Doctor Who meets Alice in Wonderland beauty!

alice in wonderland
Buy here

Etsy has loads more cool gifts, but you should also check out the The Literary Gift Company: (link:, and one of my favorite companies: Out of Print (link:! You can also see what cool gifts they have available at your local bookstore!
So don’t be that friend that just gives a mug (unless it’s totally badass)!


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