Artist Interview: Luciana Frigerio

Continuing our Artist Interview series, this month Buck Off Magazine is proud to present artist Luciana Frigerio. Known for her folded paper art, Luciana answered some of our questions.



1)What inspired the book art? Why did you get into it?

I have always made art, and often with paper as well as with books. This just seemed like a natural progression for me.


2)How did you learn to fold the pages?

I am self taught. I once saw a heart folded into a book and thought “I can figure that out.” It took a while, and a lot of rough starts, but with time my designs refined.


3) How do you choose the words for the book art?

I love doing crossword puzzles, playing with words, and I’m a cut-throat Scrabble player. I have folded hundreds of different words/names/images in books. These days most of the work I do is for people who have meaningful words that they want me to fold. I have collaborated to make pieces for museums and art exhibits, which is always interesting and a challenge.



4) What are some mishaps in page folding? Failed first attempts?

Plenty! But with time the mistakes became rarer. Now it happens when I am distracted, not paying attention. I’m still sort of amazed as the folding progressed and a word is revealed.


5) What books do you use?

I use a wide variety of hardcover books, and try to match the book with the meaning of the word I am folding.


6) Any fun/funny stories from requests?

My favorites are the requests for marriage proposals. I love working with the person to select the perfect books, and it’s great to hear about how they orchestrate the proposal using my books.


From “Nature Morte II” Portfolio at

7) What inspires your photography?

I’m interested in making little worlds in my image-making, and creating beautiful light.


8) What tips do you have for new photographers?

It doesn’t matter what equipment you use; what matters is how you look at the world. I’d rather look at an interesting low-res image than a super-sharp boring picture.


9) How do find your audience/buyers?

I have an Etsy shop and (display) my work in Galleries and craft fairs.

From “Italy” Portfolio at


10) How has your art changed over the years?

I think that my medium has changed over the years, but my approach is the same. I am interested in playing with whatever art form I use. Whether it be photography, collage, animation, painting, I am interested in creating little worlds where I can explore and express myself.


11)Where can readers find you online?

I have an Etsy shop here.

A blog here.

Some older photographs here.

and a Facebook page here.


Please note: all photos in this post are from the artist’s website and Etsy shop at the above links.

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