Finding A Writing Space

I’ve recently come to find that my writing space has been doing little to keep me motivated. This issue, a recurring one, isn’t writer’s block, something I need to make clear. There are a mountain of ideas piling in my head and the current book I’m working on is going well. Until recently. When I’m not being a nomad (moved 3 times in the last year and a half – the last time was justified, I promise…), I am reorganizing/moving my space, diving into the zen of a new layout. If possible, it happens at least every four months. Crazy, right? No, not really. Each apartment I have been in satisfied my writing space, except the new place.


So how to solve this predicament?


It can be as easy as getting a new desk, organizing your current space, or completely starting over. That’s what I did because, like many, I lack the luxury of having a room devoted to writing. Instead, I have a large bedroom that will have to do. Now, it’s not that I haven’t created space elsewhere. Outside gives me inspiration as well as among the masses, watching their interactions. There I can scribble in my notebook. But my desk is the Millennium Falcon, where the action really happens.


MY OLD SPACE — (Not too shabby but it feels cramped)


Details: This is the the old space (moved to this place a few months ago.). I hate it – it’s cramped in the corner, which I don’t mind but for some reason that corner feels even smaller with the half window. The desk, a beautiful gift from my sister a few years ago, has been through a lot, including several moves from which one of the legs has suffered injuries, and the desk is not very wide. What makes it difficult is having a giant apple computer as opposed to a tower hidden underneath and a flat screen. My new and old writing notebooks are in a closet somewhere or in an ottoman and my printer (not in the picture) is on the floor in front of the television. To make matters worse, the bed is really close to my chair. Essentially, I’m trapped at my desk, and for a writer with a wild imagination, it’s suffocating.




What a nice change. My old writing desk is on the other side of the room since it’s still a good desk for other items. The new desk is huge (L-desk BOOM!) with plenty of space, and the wider window sill holds my new notebooks (though I know Jon Snow, my cat, will surely be pushing things over). It feels as if there is actual room now and I can organize with the mess of my manuscript. Plus, no injuries to the desk (yet).




Believe it or not, every writer is different. My original manuscript was mostly written on a laptop while I was laying in bed – the same bed I used to paint in. It was a weird time for me but it worked because I was comfortable.


I wanted to share a few photos of writers in their spaces (some are old so this is just what it looked like at that time). I also invite anyone to comment on what their space looks like and why it helps them write.


Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman in his writing space

Talk about an oasis of writing space! Neil’s little gazebo is something I definitely envy. Not only is the natural surrounding peaceful, but it’s inspiring.


STEPHEN KING (circa 1980’s)

Stephen King

It wouldn’t be a good post without grabbing an old photo of my beloved author, Stephen King, in his office circa 1980s. I call this space ‘messy with a touch of cozy’. My favorite aspect is the laid back chair and feet on the desk. I used to sketch in that position, except I’d sit in a chair and rest my feet on the bed.


RUTH REICHL (Food Writer)

Ruth Reichl

This space is absolutely gorgeous and inviting. The only thing I would change is the chair, though with the pillow it looks comfortable and the back is stiff, a good way to stay focused. The landscape and natural light hitting the light wood of the floors and walls are beautiful. Another envious writing space!

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