The Fine Art of Diorama

My favorite childhood memory (other than not paying bills) is arts and crafts, and in-particular making dioramas. Most people have created one in their lifetime, using an old shoebox and glueing the hell of it until all the pieces stick. However it’s not something everyone grows out of and the old shoebox project has transformed into fine art. But instead of explaining it, let’s take a look at three amazing 3-dimensional worlds by extremely imaginative and creative artists.

lori nix
Subway, 2012
Control Room, 2010
Church, 2009
Library, 2007

Note: the amount of detail and expertise in Lori’s work is phenomenal. She is by far one of my favorite artists I’ve come across! Website to check out more!:

Mariele Neudecker
Some Things Happen All At Once
I Don’t Know How I Resisted the Urge to Run
Ship, 1998

See more of Mariele here:

Jim Kazanjian
untitled (chateau) , 2011
untitled (station) , 2014
untitled (facade) , 2010
untitled (house), 2006

(Featured image also by Jim)

View more of Jim here:


Anyone else feeling inspired???

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