The Good Dinosaur Movie Review

WARNING: This review has a SPOILER ALERT! Read at your own risk!

Sunday night, my boyfriend and I had the theater to ourselves when we went to see “The Good Dinosaur.” Surprisingly, not many people go to the movies on a Sunday night.

The room was quiet, and despite myself, I who work in a library and know the venues of hushed voices, started talking in my regular loud voice, even during the movie (sorry, only other person in the theater). But I only talked during some of the predictable parts, which sadly were much of the movie. I mean, you know nothing too bad is going to happen to the main characters. And the ending was a given – every kid’s movie ends with the main character getting what they want.

The Good Dinosaur (2015) PosterDon’t get me wrong – it was a great movie. It’s Pixar, and that means cute characters, family themes, and lots of comedy. But while I was watching, I thought of the plotlines of a few other specific movies. The ending screamed Ice Age. And some parts didn’t make sense, even if it was a kid’s movie. For example, and here’s where the SPOILER ALERT comes into play: how does the dad, who is much bigger and heavier, drown in the brown water flood but Arlo, the main character, doesn’t?

This begs the question: is there no such thing as originality anymore? Can classic themes be used in a creative enough way to make the movie stand out?

On a more positive note… My favorite character would have to be Spot, the little human boy. He may seem like a small, innocent child, but he knows how to take care of himself and his friend. The T. Rexes were also pretty cool, but they’re T. Rexes, so how could they not be? And like the real species, they were family oriented, working together for a common goal. And they’re good pals!

So, if you want to give it a try, watch “The Good Dinosaur” for cuteness, friendship, family, T. Rexes, and the classic journey of a good dinosaur who got lost and, with the help of his friend, finds himself and his way back home.

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