Website Review: Fiverr

Editor’s Note: As part of our mission to bring new and exciting publishing possibilities to our readers, Buck Off Magazine will be conducting website reviews on sites that can help new writers/editors succeed. To launch this new series, we’ve selected

The draw of Fiverr is simple: purchase a service for $5 or make some money and sell you’re skills. It’s easy, fast and effective! At least that’s the sales pitch. (Editor Joe’ Fiverr profile can be found here)


The idea behind Fiverr is actually quite brilliant. If you need something – say a personalized drawing, editing for a lengthy story, or help promoting a business – Fiverr has you covered. You can search through the sections, which range from graphics to writing to video to truly unique items including an artist that will draw you like a cat.

Fiverr really does have nearly anything – but it’s not all for $5. All gigs include perks. Want someone to edit more than the advertised amount of words, they can do it but it’s going to cost you. Each seller charges a different price for different workload.

You could find someone offering to edit 500 words in 24 hours for $5 and the next seller to them offers to edit 5,000 words in 48 hours for $5. It’s a mixed bag and there’s no telling what you can find.

Seller’s POV – pro

It works. Selling on Fiverr actually works. I spoke with one user, Daniel AKA mrproofreading, about his experiences with the site. Daniel’s been a Fiverr user for more than 2 years and uses the site as a legitimate source of income.

“I didn’t begin to make a serious income on Fiverr until last year. It took me around a year and a half of hard work before I began to reap the rewards,” he said. “(But) I would advise new users to lower their expectations – naturally, less established sellers must differentiate their offering in order to sell.”

Seller’s POV – con

It doesn’t work. Selling on Fiverr is the same as selling on eBay, Amazon, etc. You can make money, but you have to put in a lot of effort – Fiverr won’t promote you unless you’re successful. So new users have to be in charge of their own advertising.

It’s a buyer’s market and the market is quite saturated.

Also, Fiverr itself takes a cut of the gig to cover operating expenses. Meaning the editing job I did for $5 only netted me $4 and then only $3 after going through PayPal.

Writer’s POV – pro

Fiverr helps. If you can’t find someone to edit your work, there’s a Fiverr user for that. If you wrote a ebook and are trying to sell it on Amazon/iBooks/etc and need cover art, there’s a Fiverr user for that.

Editor’s POV – pro

It helps. The more experience you have as an editor, the better you’ll become. Daniel explained he has learned to “streamline the editing process” and became “more adept at spotting mistakes.”

Since the joining the site, I had someone send me a scientific document. I had to do a lot of Google-ing to make sure the lingo was correct, but that’s part of being an editor. Learning what the writer is trying to share.


For buyers, Fiverr is a great resource. There are a lot of options and most of the users seem reliable. Anyone interested in using the site should make sure to read the gig completely and compare it with other sellers.

I would not recommend Fiverr as a way to make a living, but it can be a smart way to finish a project without spending hundreds of dollars.

Editor Joe’ Fiverr profile

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