Harry Potter’s 35th Birthday Bookstore Bash and Salebration!

DSCF0445croppedIn honor of Harry Potter’s 35th birthday yesterday, the Spirit of ’76 Bookstore in Marblehead, MA celebrated today with a party and a store-wide discount! Needless to say, this Buck Off editor participated!

Wearing my Hogwarts crest shirt, my time-turner, and all the blue jewelry (a Ravenclaw color, you know!) I could fit on my neck, ears, and wrists, I went to the bookstore at the corners of Pleasant and School streets to get a cupcake and some butterbeer. Maybe I went for the discount as well. One can never have too many books!

After going to the checkout counter for my Harry Potter trivia question, which got me a 20% discount after I answered correctly, I went to browse the books. I was tempted to purchase the Hogwarts Library package that includes Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, but somehow managed to resist, being an owner of all of those titles in their original designs.

DSCF0445cropAs I was browsing books, I overheard a little girl and her mother being asked some of the Harry Potter trivia questions. The first one was, “What was the name of Harry Potter’s owl?” to which the little girl exclaimed, “Harry had an owl?!” Girl, I think you need to reread the books and/ or watch even just the first movie.

The super nice bookstore workers (and I’m not just saying that because both of them happen to be my cousins) gave me more trivia questions for fun, and after forgetting a horcrux (must have left that memory in the pensieve), I realize I need to reread the series. It’s been too long.



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