With the current weather, it’s only befitting we travel to Ancient Egyptian to view the mythological beast Anubis.

What it is and Origin:

Not so much of an it, but a who. Anubis is the God/Protector of the dead and of mummification. This deity is often seen with a human body and black jackal head, as gods were depicted through cairoglyphics. This ancient god comes from the birthplace of the other eight important ancient gods, Heliopolis (group called the Ennead). Why the jackal? the jackal animal itself hunted from the cemeteries to the edges of the desert.

Modern Use:

Anubis has been used in modern novels/tv/movie more than any other god of the ancient world. Just in the last few years, the creature has been depicted in the following:

  • Literature: The Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilights by Bruce Zick novel which is now in talks to being a film with 20th Century fox. Another fiction novel is The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers.
  • Television: House of Anubis is a television show for tweens. Probably not a great show, but atleast they are using this fantastic creature!
  • Film: The popular The Mummy series took place in Egypt (minus the third film) so of course, Anubis was mentioned. In the first film Rick O’Connell (played by Brendan Fraser) sees the statue of Anubis early in the film while in the second installment, there is an entire Anubis Army trying to crush The Rock–or The Scorpion King.

Unique Ideas

There is so much than can be done with Anubis and Ancient Egypt itself. Perhaps creative paths on a deeper story about the creature, the Underworld (Duat) it dwells on and even its destruction. Because of its standing as the God of the Dead and Mummification, it personifies death more than it can of an actual character. That’s half the challenge that would be interesting to see. Anubis as a person or the internal thoughts of the being.


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