E-Book Publishing: Part 2

The Art Of The Book Cover

In the traditional publishing world, there are certain amenities that would be included if you were being represented. However, the ability to have creative control can work to your advantage and lucky for you, there are a ton of services online to assist in book cover designs. Before that point, the following must be established:

  • What design is going to best represent your story:
    • What’s the mood of the novel?
    • How can you get creative while connecting the design with the cover?
    • Subtle look or heavily designed?

Here are some good examples:





A few places to consider when creating your cover:

Recommendation: Create it yourself using free websites and cheap if not free photos/designs. You may also want to view tutorials on easy book cover designs on Youtube, cutting out the middle man of cover services that range from $50-600!

Video tutorial for Canva:

Video tutorial for Pixlr:

Video tutorial for MS Word (brief):




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