The Art of Characters: Video Game Monsters

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know by now I am a lover of horror flicks and video games. To me, fear is a powerful tool that is difficult to inflict these days on the screen, yet when it can, leaves a lasting and chilling impression. In order to do so, a lot of elements come into play, especially the design of the nemeses or monster (s). In today’s post, we will explore terrifying monsters that only a creative and sick mind could dream up:

Monsters of the Resident Evil Series:

Executioner Majini; RE5
Regenerator; RE4
Typical creatures you come across in RE2REV

Silent Hill Series:

Nurse: SI Homecoming
Lying figure: SI2
Pyramidhead: SI

Left4Dead 1/2:

Pretty much all of the monsters. What makes them scary and great is they attack in different ways.

Forbidden Siren: 

Shibito/ Siren: Blood Curse

So there you have it, this sessions monsters with so many more games to go. Tune in until next time! (BTDubs, I do not own any of these pictures)

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