Where You Stand

As writers, we tend to think of the publishing world as a place to share new ideas and express self-discoveries. But the truth is, publishing companies are just that – companies looking for a profit.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The drive to make money pushes companies to produce large numbers of novels and seek new content daily.

But how does a publishing company choose a manuscript to produce?

One method is to consider the writer’s platform. When Hilary Clinton wrote her book, she went to an agent and said, “I’m Hilary Clinton. Publish this book.”

When George R Martin wants to publish a book, he gathers literary agents in a pit for a death match.

That’s because they have a platform – or name recognition.

An average writer can gain name recognition too. Having a successful blog, YouTube show, or Twitter account increases your brand and makes anything you write more valuable in the literary world.

Remember publishing is a business – if an editor doesn’t think the company will profit off your work, it’s harder to pitch it.

Even a little bit of branding can help. A good writer with 3,000 Facebook fans is a better than a great writer with 0 Facebook fans.

That’s a harsh truth to the publishing world.

Branding takes time and effort (that’s a whole different blog post) but the payoff is worth it in the end.

Check back next week for a quick summary of the most popular social media sites used to gain a platform.


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