It knocks more than once

Dear readers,

I fucked up.

Editor Joe here and I’m saddened to say that my carelessness cost me and the Buck Off staff a great opportunity.

I recently received an email requesting if any Association of Professional Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) members had an idea for a panel for the 2016 conference in Los Angeles (my favorite city). The deadline to submit an idea was May 1.

I had meant to forward the email to Editors Sandy and Sara but I fell asleep. Then it was Thursday, April 30 and it was crunch time – either do this now or never.

And I chickened out and chose never.

Not my proudest moment but it’s a part of my life history now. No sense in denying it now.

My lack of decision-making cost us (the Buck Off team) a chance to expand our readership and learn some insider tricks to the trade. But that doesn’t have to be a constant fact. 

“Opportunity is not luck, it’s hardwork, courage, and a little bit of faith.” 

My grandmother used to tell me that when I was a youngin. She meant that the people wait who wait for success to come to them never accomplish their dreams. Because successful people forge their own paths by having the strength to risk failure.

I should have written a proposal. I should have submitted it. I should have had faith in myself and in my fellow editors. But I didn’t.

By thinking I was going to fail, I made myself fail. It’s a terrible, self-fulling mindset that can be so, so hard to break.

But there’s something my grandmother never told me, something I had to learn on my own:

Opportunity knocks more than once. Right now, there’s a hundred thousand programs/conferences/professors/businesses looking to fill a lull in their itinerary. 

It’s our job as writers to find those chances, be brave enough to approach and have faith that we’ll be accepted.

After all, every question has two answers: no and yes.

Fifty-fifty shot. Might as well try – it’s better than copying Harvey Dent and flipping a coin.

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