Flying to ideas

I’m writing this on the plane ride to Los Angeles. I’m taking a weekend off to attend a Teen Wolf convention because I’m super cool and my life is blessed *shoulder swipes*.

But it’s important to note that I love flying. I jump at every chance I can to ride in a plane because, for me, flying transcends limitations. Humans were never meant to be in the air – there’s a reason we weren’t born with wings. But through ingenuity, wit and pure unfiltered determination we have achieved the impossible.

This should inspire you!

Think of all the amazing things we experience every day that our ancestors didn’t think were possible. Need I say the word laptop?

As writers, it’s our job to analyze the world around us and find pieces that are rich in material. Technology is just one part and is the backbone to every sci-fi, steampunk and spy story crafted.

Right now, as I gaze out the window, my brain is alive with plot ideas.

What if planes were invented to harvest clouds? The combination of water and oxygen found only in clouds is a cure all medical miracle. But as more and more diseases were erased from the planet, an evil pharmaceutical company has begun releasing super viruses to maintain profit margins. 

Or perhaps as scientist explored the higher realm, a rare species was discovered and, as humans tend, over hunting and dehabitation killed off this brilliant creature. That is until the hero of this story finds a few of the animal and vows to find them sanctuary in the clouds where no one can venture.

Those (really) rough arcs may not seem heavy in technology but it would require some significant exploring to fully realize how planes exist in that world. Are there still commercial flights? Do you need a special badge to board a flight?

The more and more I stare out the window and think about this, the more and more questions I have.

So the next time you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for a coffee, ask yourself “what impossibilities surround me and how can I make those into a story?”


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