EDITORS RECOMMEND: Recomendations Under 200 Words

Gripping, astonishing, bizarre and intriguing. What could I be talking about? The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, that’s what. If you haven’t heard about this 6 episode series on HBO, then truly you’ve been living under a rock. A giant one. In the dessert I assume. For those new to Jinx, I must say please watch the series in full (well once you start watching it, it will be tough to turn it off anyway—BTW each episode is about an hour a piece). The mini-series directed by Andrew Jareki highlights the life and mysteries deaths surrounding Durst, first starting with his first wife. The series (because no, I will not spoil a thing for you) draws you in for every minute and until the final episode just completely blows you away and what makes the Jinx different from the usual crime story shows on TV is Durst himself being interviewed.


Now if we were to ever start a Buck rating system (5 bucks as amazing, 1 buck as shitty, 0 bucks as I want to unsee what I just saw). It would def get 5 bucks.


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