Every. Single. Day.

One piece of advice every writer hears is “Write every day” and I have to tell ya, I’m sick of hearing it!

During my tenure in university I interviewed a lot of writers. I was a journalism major who worked for both student run publications on campus. That meant I would frequently write features on writers giving guest speeches. One time I even interviewed a student who secured a publishing contract.

I also wanted to learn as much about the publishing world as I could and would talk to indie writers every chance I could and attended writing conferences and workshops when I could afford it.

And the advice from above was heard every single time.

The idea has merit – how are you going to publish something unless you write something?

But after a full day working, trying to maintain a some-what active social life and having some hobbies, who has time to write?

That’s a question I’ve been dealing with the past couple of months. And the answer is deceptively simple: make time.

There are a million excuses not to write – but if some smuck in 16 Century England can pen an opera by candlelight than you can quit playing the latest Facebook game and write one sentence.

And what is a book but one sentence after another. 


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