The Love of Writing & Food: My Nom Creations

S. McClory
S. McClory

I love food. Period. It’s one of the very few joys of life that I can say will never let you down (as long as it is within expiration and its not your serious addition) and can give you the ability to be creative. A few weeks ago I had a meningioma removed from my head (oh I know, TMI) and are on rest and have been cooking up a storm, bridging me back to my love of food and now combining that with my love of writing about it. I will say when I first moved to Salem (I have moved since then), cooking and me was on opposite ends. Mainly, Salem has restaurants covering almost every inch of where I was living and it was so much easier to go out to eat (not easy financially). This time around, I have been able to reconnect with my inner foodie and share my nom creations as well as begin a series of food writing tips, food photography (please note, the following photos are from my smartphone-low quality) and food reviewing in your area.

The Noms:

food1Name: The Teriyaki Taco

Innings: teriyaki and pineapple marinated chicken (stir fry chicken), brown and wild rice, avocados, brussel sprouts, red onion, sweet peppers and a dash of  ranch dressing.

Prep/Cook Time: 30-40 mins


food4Name: Healthy Chicken Vixen Plate

Innings: Chicken tenderloins marinated in BBQ overnight, thyme, stuffed mushroom, brussel sprouts, red and yellow peppers, carrots, red onions, mushrooms, 1 large strawberry, half an avocado, quarter of tomato for on top, the strawberry for the chicken

Prep/Cook time: 30-ish mins


food2Name: Not Your Average Sausage, Pepper & Onions

Innings: Italian sausages, light brown sugar, honey, crushed strawberries, bacon, sweet red peppers, red onions and bacon.

Prep/Cook time: 45-60 mins to confirm the sausages are cooked thoroughly

Until next time, la nourriture est la vie!  (Food is Life!)







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