Recipe for Distraction

Christmas is coming, and I still haven’t sent a single Christmas card, not to mention there are a few people for whom I still need gifts made or bought, and some gifts I need wrapped and sent out-of-state. On top of that, I’ve been trying to keep up with (and am so far behind watching video lectures in) a free online course I’m taking through Coursera. So, why haven’t I been doing what I need to do? Well, because of the Internet! And books! And… other things! I’ve been cooking up ways to distract myself from what I need to do, and with that I offer you this:

Recipe for Distraction

Prep Time: Time will vary between no time and hours
Serving Size: 1 distracted person
Level of Difficulty: Easy


1 (or more) computer, laptop, tablet, iPod, or other electronic device (even a phone)
1-3 friends on Facebook chat
100s of books with beautiful covers (or less, or more, depending on the number of your bookshelves)
1 or more online sale(s)
4 coupons
1 To Do list
1 magazine to edit
3-5 books, currently being read
1 apartment, unorganized
1 Pinterest Account

*Note: ingredients may vary depending on the person’s taste. The amount also will vary.


Step One: Choose the most immediate activity you need to do.

Step Two: Choose from the list at least one ingredient that is not this activity. Then add another (for example, go on your electronic device and then find that some friends are online, and then check your email and find sales going on and coupons you can use).

Step 3: Engage yourself in an activity that is not the one from Step One.

Step 4: Forget Step One.

Step 5: Check the time and find that it is hours later.

Step 6: Feel a small pang of guilt, but continue not doing Step One.




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